Arguments with Non-Vegans: Knowing When to Walk Away!

I posted a rant about this on my Facebook when it happened, but now I’ve decided to discuss it here with a slightly different slant. I want to talk about why some people feel the need to argue and fight, knowing it is futile.

Some vegans may disagree with my stance on this: I believe that if someone doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, it’s pointless to carry on. I will speak to people who are curious about veganism, I will put people straight if they are saying things that are untrue or misguided. I will not continue to argue if someone is clearly so blind and set in their ways. It’s a waste of my time and theirs.

I will also refuse to allow these kind of debates to kick off at a friends birthday party. Here’s what happened to me a few months ago…


So there is the angry, rangy Facebook status about it. I was just wondering what you all think?

It’s a fine ballance between spreading the word and making people think that vegans are just pushy horrible people. I tried to avoid this argument so much but it followed me. Was I right to walk away? I stuck up for myself and the animals to an extent but didn’t want to argue about it.

I like to talk to people about veganism and get them interested. When people argue with you about it, they’re just looking for an argument and don’t want to change so it’s pointless. I believe they’re not intelligent enough to comprehend what I’m saying…

That’s what I think… 

Inappropriate Vegan Hatred

This post is going to be a massive rant, so, sorry in advance.

How can anybody be opposed to compassion? How can anybody ‘hate’ another person for their choice to not partake in violence of any kind? How can anybody find it ‘intolerable’ to sit next to someone who refuses to accept rape and torture as part of daily life?

I find it impossible.

So then why are there so many people hating on vegans?!?!

I just can not understand it.

There is a Facebook group called “vegans versus meat eaters open debates.” I thought that this would be the perfect place to see what people who eat meat think about why they eat what they do, and vegans saying why they believe otherwise.

No. Wrong. So very, very wrong.

It appears that the only purpose of this group is for vegans to try to politely point out why they believe veganism is right. And the meat eaters come in with responses such as these:

Mmm bacon!
You’re a hypocrite! If you live in a house or use a computer, then you’re not really a vegan!
Aww, are the vegans butthurt again?
Youre a ****.
F*** off [insert name here].
Get some bacon in you!
The vegan diet makes you stupid! Just look at [insert name here].

Well, carnists… Thanks for your input. They try to ‘argue’ against the vegans’ points but they never address the issue. They call vegans up on being hypocritical, argue definitions of words or just profanity, racism or anti-disability speech.

A vegan asked what the meat eaters’ opinion of speciesism was. They tried to deny that speciesism is word. I set them straight and found 4 online dictionary definitions. This wasn’t good enough for them… So I found it in the Oxford English Dictionary. Then they resorted to name calling, avoiding the real issue. I was hoping that by proving it was in fact a word, they would stop that line of argument and address the question. No such luck. I was just insulted for being a psychologist. “You’re just a legal con artist!”


I know this is an extreme case, but the example I’m giving wasn’t the only one, nor was it the worst. I’m not saying that anyone who eats meat is an awful horrible, sorry excuse for a human being; but it is clear that these people go onto this group to try and belittle and bully vegans. Why? Why do they do this? We are (for the most part) simply trying to live better, more compassionate lives. What’s wrong with that?

I’d love to hear if anyone has an opinion on this, a similar experience, or has anything to say in response. What are your thoughts??

Chocolate: The Way It’s Supposed to be Enjoyed

Vegan chocolate. Yummmmmmmmy.

Homemade raw vegan chocolate. Ohmygodholyfreakinghellyespleasegiveittomerightfreakingnow!!!!

Now we’ve gotten that out of the way…

I can’t remember where I originally found this recipe, so apologies! But I’ve seen the same recipe many times using just these ingredients:

Cacao powder

Coconut oil

Maple syrup

Three amazing, magical ingredients. You can either google ‘raw vegan chocolate recipe’ or just experiment with the ingredients. All of the recipes I’ve seen use them in different proportions. I advise using roughly a 2:1 ratio of cacao to coconut, and add maple syrup to taste. I mean, do you like it sickly sweet or do you like just enough to take the bitter edge off? Experiment. See what you come up with.

Basically, all you do, is mix the cacao powder into melted coconut oil and add maple syrup. Then you refrigerate it. And eat as you like. You can make it in ice cube trays to get little chocolate shapes or in a shallow baking tray for bars or in little cupcake cases to make peanut butter cups (layer of chocolate, dollop of peanut butter and then cover with chocolate).

These are such lovely, smooth chocolates. They taste like truffles in texture and are very rich. And they’re really healthy! No refined sugar, cacao has many health benefits and coconut oil is wonderful!

I love these chocolates and I’m always making them. It’s funny that I like them so much because I never used to like dark chocolate, it’s only since going vegan that I enjoy it. Maybe I just didn’t really give it a chance before!

My Opinion on “Cheat” Foods

Every vegan knows that when you go vegan, you don’t really have to give anything up; there are so many vegan versions of food available in stores and vegan recipes for anything else on the Internet.

However, I am interest to hear others opinions on cheat foods. I’ve given up eating meat and animal products… So why would I want to pretend I’m eating them?

Vegan baking is different because the use of eggs and milk are so easily replaceable. For example, you don’t eat a cake and think, “thank god this has eggs in it!” So I’m not talking about those kind of substitutions.

Neither am I talking about nut roasts and nut burgers, because to me they are something entirely different from their meat cousins. Here I am talking about, burgers that look like meat, fake fish fingers, ‘meat’ balls, vegan cheese, fake bacon etc.

I don’t want to eat animal flesh. Why would I want to pretend I did?

My boyfriend, on the other hand, loves his cheat foods. He found the transition to veganism harder than I did, so his cheat foods helped him along. Because of this, I end up trying a lot of ‘cheat meats’ and some of them are alright.

There is still something that irks me about the whole concept. I don’t know if I’m just being over sensitive or if other ethical vegans feel the same way.

“Hey guys, it looks like I’m eating the flesh of another living creature, but don’t worry, it’s just tofu!”

Any thoughts?

My Story: How I Went VEGAN

I’m sure there are lots of vegan people out there who would be really interested to know how other vegans got to be… Well… Vegan! So I’m going to put my story out there.

Let’s start by saying (and apologies in advance) that I’ve always thought veganism was a bit ridiculous. I mean come on, it’s for hippies and it’s all just a bit over the top isn’t it?? I understand not eating meat… But milk? Honey? Eggs? There’s no cruelty in those, right? Surely taking what an animal is going to produce naturally is fine, and to deny yourself those things is a bit mental…

That’s the stage I was at anyway. I didn’t eat red meat anyway because I liked cows and pigs. But I ate chicken and fish without a second thought.

So, Instagram came into my life. I now have three accounts but I started out with just one. @misuzu_yorick. It very quickly got taken over by my rabbit. Bunnies everywhere!!! So I made myself a second account for ME! @misuzu_solo (Then later, a vegan account for pictures of my food #stereotypicalinstagrammer @misuzu_vegan).

On Yorick’s IG account, I saw some people posting things about animal testing. I thought this was strange because animal testing stopped in the 80’s, didn’t it?

Wrong again, Miss Misuzu! Animal testing is very much still happening. How could I have been so naive??

I felt sick to think of all the animals who had suffered and died for my lipstick or my eyeliner. I’m not worth that suffering. Nobody is.

Luckily, a lot of my favourite products were already “not tested on animals” and “cruelty free”. It was just a case of cutting out a few things here and there and being a bit more careful about what I buy. Easy.

But I had opened a can of worms. I started to learn more. I read about things. I saw videos. I found out about dairy farming. I read about what happens to the ‘useless’ male chicks. I saw the slaughterhouse footage. I read about bee keeping…

Vegan. The only logical thing is vegan. My cheese-loving, steak-eating boyfriend had the same thought: Vegan is the only lifestyle that makes sense. It is the only thing that allows us to live without guilt. It is the only way because I am not worth the suffering of any innocent life. Not when I can make the choice to stop this. In this society, I HAVE A CHOICE. And I choose life. I choose compassion. I choose freedom.

So, I decided to give myself a year to slowly transition to vegan. A week later I was 100% vegan. So much for taking it slow, but I’m glad it happened like that. You just can’t ignore the cruelty once you’ve opened your eyes up to it.

My boyfriend said, “I’m going to find it really hard to give up cheese, but I have to. For the animals. And milk is just disgusting to me now. I mean, there’s puss in it!” After these words left his lips, no more cheese has been consumed by him.

I am proud of myself and my boyfriend. It was harder for him, but we have both made a clear, ethical choice and are both so happy knowing that because of us taking a stand, innocent lives are spared.

Ask me why I’m vegan!

I am vegan for the animals. I love animals. I cannot love them, and still eat them. Neither can I partake in the senseless torture that animals face in dairy farms (or any other cage for any other animal product).

I am vegan for the planet. Animal farming is the greatest contributor of greenhouse gasses. More than transport. Plant farming puts oxygen back into the air, unlike animal farming.

I am vegan for myself. I eat a healthy, balanced diet that makes me feel good. And, I can live guilt free, knowing that no animal has to die or suffer, for me to be alive.

I have a choice; and I choose vegan.